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Our Story

Not just good movement. We have been changing lives locally and all over the United States since partnering as a coaching team nearly a decade ago. We believe that wellness is not just about exercising and eating right, it's also about who you surround yourself with. Our goal is to help athletes of all levels tap into their inner grit and grace to uncover the glory of what their bodies and minds are truly capable of doing.

Brand Values:

We leave every space and life better than we found it.

We work on calling out your seeds of greatness.

We welcome you to have a seat at the table. ​

Our Story: About

Meet The Family

Our Story: Testimonials

Shirley DeQuina-Booth

Wife to the most amazing husband (Brian) and fur mom to the best dog ever (Cooper)! I've been helping people meet their best versions for almost a decade. I believe in calling God-given seeds of greatness out people. I'm looking forward to introducing you to the person you were always meant to become! 

I'm excited about G3 because this isn't just a gym; this is a home, this is family, and together we can create massive impact in our world today! 

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